Sniffing carpet / sniffing mat, large, 70cm x 50cm, Design: I ❤️ Rainbow

Sniffing carpet / sniffing mat, large, 70cm x 50cm, Design: I ❤️ Rainbow

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The nose is designed to sniff! Smell is your hairy friend's most important sense. Therefore it is so important to use and train the sense of smell extensively to maintain mental health even during the dark half of the year. Hardly anything makes your dog as happy as intense, undisturbed sniffing interesting things. Whenever it is not possible to go outside, e.g. at work, at the home office, in bad weather or just in between, the sniffing carpet is the ideal way to keep your four-legged friend happy and offer them an exciting time.
It works like this: The sniffing carpet consists of sturdy fleece, which has been put together in different shapes. Many small pockets and openings are formed in which treats or other interestingly smelling things can be hidden. Your dog will spend a long, good time exploring the exciting smells and trying to get the treats out.

Upper material: 100% fleece
Non-slip floor

Care instructions: hand wash recommended
Machine washable at max. 30 °C in a laundry bag or net

Many sizes and designs available!

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