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We are a family of three living in Berlin. We got our dog Fine in 2008 from a dog shelter in Poland. She is turning 13 and being an inseparatable part of our family.

Fine gave us the idea and the motivation for starting this business. The idea of joining other dog lovers to provide our beloved cuties with not only comfortable but stylish and necessary accessories for outdoor activities as well spending time at home. Bearing in mind that those products are environment-friendly and sustainable.

We are excited to create a community where dog lovers could meet and share their beautiful experiences with their furry friends. Further than that we would like to share part of our revenue to donate to dog shelter where so many dogs are being taken care of everyday before they meet their forever home ❤️❤️❤️


Lily & Hund, owner: Q. Flegel

Skalitzer Str. 83, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Email: hallo@lilyundhund.de

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